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For the purposes of this answer, let's assume that by "scientific review article" we mean a survey of previously published research on a topic. This could be a scoping review, a systematic review, or any number of different "reviews" that fall under the purview of a literature review and fulfil this purpose. Here is some more information on the different types of literature reviews from UBC. To find these, if I am searching in Discovery, I might add the following phrases to the end of a search string:


scoping review

literature review

systematic review

Search strings could look like this (using the example of regenerative tourism again):

"regenerative tourism" AND "literature review"

"regenerative tourism" AND "review"

"regenerative tourism" AND review(scoping OR systematic OR rapid OR literature)

Be aware that whether an article is a scoping or systematic review may not be stated explicitly in the title of the article.

The Google Scholar "review articles" filter may help as well. If you add the phrases above to a search, and click on the "review articles" button, Google Scholar will return results that include these types of reviews rather than returning original empirical studies. 


Google Scholar will include a few articles that mention literature reviews but in which a review is not the end goal of the process, and some analysis is also conducted (as in the last article shown above, "Transformative Experiences in Cycling Tourism". We recommend reading the abstracts to make sure that what you're getting is a review

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