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The datasets we have direct access to are the ones made available through Statistics Canada’s ‘Data Liberation Initiative’.  You can browse the collection through this link. If you see a data file you would like, email and we can retrieve it for you.

Beyond browsing the titles of surveys in the collection, the tool I use to more deeply explore the content of DLI datasets is called SDA.  SDA enables us to search at the variable level, which means the level of survey question and response

For your question I tried a search in SDA for, simply, ‘energy’. The best I found was ‘Households and the Environment Survey’, which has some information on how people heat their homes. There are files for 2011, 2009, 2007, and 2006.  Here is some information about the 2011 file. 

Since Statistics Canada does not have enough of the data you want on your topic, you will need to find researchers who have collected data related to your area and ask if they will share their data set(s) with you.

There are two ways I suggest you try this: The first is look at the literature you have, or to search for more, and see who makes reference to data they have collected. Then contact those researchers for their data.  The second way, which is really just a more refined approach to what I just outlined, is to try searching Discovery and filtering to ‘data’ in the ‘content type’ menu on the left of your results screen. Your results will not be the datasets themselves, but other article and textual results where the related data is available.

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