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Do you have any tips/tricks so that I don't end up purchasing a lot of research?

I am finding that a lot of the research articles and books I am trying to access cost a significant amount of money to purchase. Do you have any tips/tricks so that I don't end up purchasing a lot of research? I have been through the RRU library and other free sites I can access for related items and have found some, and some free items through searches online. I don't mind purchasing membership to certain journals, etc that I am interested in and will use again, but I feel like I am missing out on some great research because it is so cost prohibitive.
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If you are using Google Scholar, be sure to access it from the library homepage - this will give you access to our subscriptions and allow you to avoid paywalls.

Our article databases contain citations to an infinite number of materials. Unfortunately, due to cost and publisher restrictions we cannot provide instant full text access to them all. I will also be repeating the information below in an upcoming post but basically you should never pay for anything while you are a student with us =).

1. For items not in our collection

The Library provides a free interlibrary loan service to students. Send us your request, and we will get it from another library. Journal articles will be delivered electronically to your email within 1-3 days. Books will be delivered to your door complete with return mailing labels. If you would like to learn more about this service or submit a request, check out:

2. Items in our collection but only available in print

For print books or articles in our collection, the Library provides a free document delivery service, where we deliver books right to your door and articles right to your email. For more on this service or to submit a request, see:

3. Borrowing agreements with other libraries

Royal Roads library has agreements with other libraries to allow our students to borrow directly. If you live in BC, your RRU ID/Library card, will allow you to borrow print books from other colleges and universities in BC, and it’s free! If you live in a Canadian province other than BC, you can get a "COPPUL Card", which allows you to borrow print books from university libraries closest to you. Check out the COPPUL card here:

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